Mushleaf Immunity Booster Drop

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Product Description

100% Ayurvedic & Natural Quality - Ayurveda’s healthiest brew – Our pure Immunity Booster Drop helps to attain stronger bones and joints , usefull in arthritics, prevent hair loss and to enhance your body's defense system effortlessly. Our expertly curated formula combines the exceptional qualities of these revered herbs to provide you with a natural solution for strengthening your immune system.


Our Immunity Booster Drop prevents cold and cough by acting as a natural antibiotic. Helps to reduce skin allergy and fight against acne and lighten acne scars. Helps in weight management . Helps to
prevent asthma and all the respiratory disorders.

Mushleaf Promise

Mushleaf ensures the purest grade of organic plant-based ingredients This Match is sourced directly from natural herbs to maintain the highest quality, freshness, and potency.

Brewing Information

Mix 4 drops in a glass of water/cup of tea or juice twice a day or as directed
by the physician.

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